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Who am I

A few words about me and what I like to do.

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I was born in Glifada(Γλυφάδα), Greece in 1992 where I live ever since. I graduated from school in 2010 and entered Technological Educational Institute of Central Greece, Computer Engineers department in 2011. Since then I moved temporary in Lamia for my studies.

In my free time I like to develop various applications, such as Gasema, and websites. From 2009 I work with Gamebattles Ltd in various projects, including but not limited to Support|4U, Support|TV and

Lately, I started writing a scenario for action/sci-fi movie, which will be fully animated. The movie will be animated with Blender, which I am currently studying.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world - Nelson Mandela

July 2010

High School Graduation

On 2010 I graduated from 5o Likeio Glifadas, and in 2011 I entered Technological Educational Institute of Central Greece, Computer Engineers department


Open Source

Open Source is the future. We have to share ideas and not make it impossible for other individuals to improve oure work.

Web Design

I love creating websites. As you can see in Portofolio below, I have created many sites with Gamebattles Ltd using various CMS.

Software Development

Creating software is the purpose of every programmer, like me. My first application is Gasema and many more are coming.


What I am good at.

Below you can see the skills that I am more experienced. The percentage is based on my experience and not education.


I can create anything you want in HTML


I have created various projects using CSS.


I have a deep understanding of Java.


I know C and I can make applications for your needs


I am pretty good in creating images for promos and sites.


Vector Images are easy to be created.

After Effects

I create beautiful promo videos for your projects.


I am still learning. Gasema is written in C#


What I have created.

Below you can see most of my work. If you want something similar, contact me.


My latest project, powered by Webhosting|4U. Find a solution in your common problems with a series of video tutorials.


A support site for any problem you have. For individuals and companies.


GAme SErver MAker makes your life easy. You can now download, create and configure your game server in minutes.



I started animation from a small age. When I went to high school, I stopped animating but since 2013 I started again.

From 2005 to present

Partnership with Gamebattles Ltd

On October 2009, I became member of the Admin Team. After that I started creating sites for Webhosting|4U and lately I created with them Support|4U and Support|TV

From October 2009 to present


FOSSCOMM is an annual greek conference about Open SOurce. On 2014 it was organized by T.E.I. of Sterea Ellada and I was a part of it as a volunteer.

From May 2, 2014 to May 4, 2014


Support|TV is a channel I created with the help of Wbhosting|4U for uploading video-tutorials tha help various people with small to zero knowledge of PC.

From Jul 2014 to present

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